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SD-5800 Portable UHF Long Range RFID Handheld Reader

RF frequency from 902MHZ to 928MHZ

stable read-write range and high capacity

Data capturing electronic tags matching ISO 18000-6C/EPC C1 Gen2 standard


ISRF-UA8820 UHF Long Range Active RFID Reader

UHF Long Range Active RFID Reader

Adjustable Operating Frequency from 920Mhz to 928 Mhz

Adjustable RF Power Output to control reading Active Tag range up to 50M

ISRF-U6890 UHF Long Range Active RFID Reader

UHF Long Range Passive RFID Read / Writer

Adjustable Operating Frequency from 902Mhz to 928Mhz

Adjustable RF Power Output to control reading card / tag range up to 10M


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