About Us
iStar Technology was incorporated in Hong Kong and has long been engaged in providing Electronic Entry systems (Access Control system) and their related peripherals as early as 1991, when swipe /scan type, contact base system such as Barcode, Wiegand; Magnetic and Infra Red were still the mainstream technologies.

When RFID, (Radio-frequency identification) contact-less base applications started to gain popularity in the early 1990s, iStar Technology were already one of the main distributors of Short range RFID active /passive hardware systems for Hong Kong, with exporting operations to many Asian markets. The trade name of "iStar" were one of the first to introduce Long range RFID system, that later incorporated Read /Write functional RFID devices, as well as Biometric ID system (Fingerprint) into the HK and Asian market.

Because of its strategic location and experience, since the early 2000, iStar has started close working and representation relationship with major producers from China, Korea, US and Israel, etc, providing pioneering and latest technologies in RFID, Biometric ID systems, (i.e.: Fingerprint, Hand, Facial, Iris, Voice and Vascular recognition) Logistic UHF RFID, etc, and related equipments.

Over the years, iStar screened through and distributed numerous products from manufacturers from all over the world and selected only the best in quality and by cost effective standard for its clients. In 2006, iStar established strategic partnership with venture partners that own and operate a modern Access Control and Time Attendance system assembly and R&D plant in China. The plant employs over 200 staffs, of which over a hundred staffs dedicated to software and application development, research and system stability assurance, with many of the key staffs possess decades of experience in the industry.

iStar Technology is the sole agent & distributor (other than PR China) for the "ManQ" product line; i.e.: ManQ Color Screen Attendance Access Control systems & application software.


Our Mission
iStar Technology has a mission to create better quality everyday environment for as many people as possible, and we try to achieve this by offering new technologies and a wide range of well designed and applicable products at affordable prices.

iStar Technology strongly believes that in order to secure sustainable growth, apart from offering superior hardware & reliable software products, we also recognize the importance of providing an outstanding after sales support to ensure smooth operation for the end-users, as well as building strong and long term partnerships relationship with its clients. iStar is one of very few distributors in the business to shares " Source Code" for many of its application programs with its clients for free.

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